Voice Coaching

Our voice coaching programs are delivered one-to-one and in small groups, online, in-house or at our premises in London. They can be tailored to the needs of native or non-native English speakers. To enquire about booking or to discuss our courses further, contact us.

Voice Coaching

Workshop/1:1 Coaching/Online Coaching

Why take this course?  

The ability to speak clearly, concisely and convincingly is not just a key business skill, it’s a key life skill. A voice coach can help. This program will maximise your vocal clarity, authority and impact so that when you speak people don’t just understand, they really listen.

By the end of this voice coaching program you’ll have a greater awareness of how your voice works and how to use it to its best effect. You’ll have developed greater vocal authority through pace, pause and projection. And you’ll know how to communicate with impact using the dynamics of pitch, energy, tone and inflection.

Course content

Voice Fundamentals

  • Discovering how the voice works and how to use it efficiently
  • Understanding how the sound of the voice impacts others
  • Understanding how state of mind connects to voice use

Developing Vocal Authority

  • Exploring techniques for managing nerves
  • Breathing under pressure and sounding natural
  • Managing pace when speaking in front of others
  • Maximising vocal authority through resonance

Speaking with Clarity

  • Finding an appropriate pace and using pauses effectively
  • Articulating dynamically and giving key words space
  • Sharing the sense through key word emphasis
  • Chunking content when speaking to an audience

Delivering with Impact

  • Using energy and intention to speak with impact
  • Using pitch lift and rhythm in order to change gear
  • Understanding how tone affects the audience emotionally
  • Using inflection to interject, manage a discussion and land a point
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