Speaking On Camera

Our Speaking on Camera training can be delivered one-to-one or in small groups – online, in-house or in premises in Central London. To find out more or to discuss tailoring a coaching program to your needs, contact us.

Speaking On Camera

Group Workshop/Online Coaching/1:1 Coaching

Why take this Speaking Camera On course?  

With pre-recorded video content becoming increasingly common in business, the ability to speak confidently on camera is fast becoming a necessity. Whether it’s a thirty-minute webcast or a thirty-second soundbite, your message needs to connect instantly.

By the end of this Speaking On Camera training, you’ll have developed the skills and confidence to appear relaxed and comfortable onscreen while delivering your message clearly and convincingly.

How does it work?

Key elements of the coaching include:

Onscreen Confidence

  • Seated and standing posture
  • Looking and sounding relaxed
  • Effective use of gesture onscreen
  • Finding the right eye-line connection
  • Sounding authoritative yet authentic

Effective Delivery 

  • Speaking at an appropriate pace
  • Developing a natural delivery style
  • Using pauses and chunking information
  • Using pitch and rhythm to create variety
  • Setting the right tone for the message

Preparing for Interviews (optional)

  • Clarifying your key points
  • Handling challenging questions
  • Structuring content in the moment
  • Linking to questions with key words
  • Staying on message and avoiding traps

Bringing Your Script to Life (optional)

  • Sounding “spontaneous” when scripted
  • Pausing and changing rhythm for variety
  • Using pitch and emphasis to land key points
  • Marking up the script for ease of delivery


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