Speaker Coaching

Speaker Coaching

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Speaking at a conference or delivering a keynote speech calls for exceptional presentation skills. If you want to stand out you need a message that provokes curiosity, a narrative that stirs emotion and visuals that engage attention. And you must be able to deliver that message in a way that captivates the room.

Why take our speaker coaching?  

Our speaker coaching will take your conference presentation to the next level by empowering you to structure, design and deliver a high impact presentation that will engage, motivate and inspire.

Course content

Structuring a High Impact Presentation

  • Planning effectively by understanding audience and objective
  • Clarifying the key message, main headlines and pivotal moments
  • Signposting effectively and holding attention through the story

Designing Captivating Visuals

  • Understanding the elements of visual impact
  • Using infographics and telling a story with data
  • Creating slides that will make messages memorable

Maximising Physical Presence

  • Finding a comfortable, open stance in order to command the stage
  • Connecting with the audience through eye contact and gesture
  • Using movement to energise and stillness to connect

Establishing Vocal Authority

  • Projecting the voice in different sized spaces
  • Finding the right pace and using pauses effectively
  • Developing the resonance of the voice for added gravitas

Engaging the Audience

  • Using the vocal dynamics of pitch and rhythm to change gear
  • Building momentum and holding attention through the narrative
  • Using tone to connect emotionally and take the audience on a journey
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