Personal Impact Training

Our personal impact training courses are delivered one-to-one and in small groups, either in-house or online. To enquire about booking a personal impact training course or to discuss tailoring a program to you needs, contact us.

Presence and Personal Impact

Group Workshop/1:1 Coaching/Online Coaching

Why take this personal impact training?  

The ability to connect with and influence others is key to building great working relationships. This personal impact training course will give you an insight into the relationship between mind, body and voice and how these connect with presence. You’ll learn techniques for building your credibility, increasing your influence and becoming a more powerful communicator.  

By the end of this personal impact training course, you will have a greater awareness of how to adapt your communication style to connect more effectively with those around you. You’ll understand what gets in the way of you being at your best and will have developed strategies for positive self-management. And you’ll have learned how to communicate with clarity, confidence and conviction through voice and body language.

Course content

Presence Fundamental

  • Analysing the difference between presence and impact
  • Understanding purpose and how it relates to presence
  • Developing presence by being more in the moment

The Presence Mindset

  • Fostering a confidence mindset through strengths awareness
  • Challenging habitual thoughts and behaviour patterns
  • Analysing derailers and developing strategies to overcome them

Developing Vocal Impact

  • Understanding the effect of energy and intention on listeners
  • Sounding credible and dynamic in meetings and conversations
  • Using pitch, tone and emphasis to speak with greater impact

Understanding Body Language

  • Developing an authentic and assertive physical presence
  • Understanding the effect of body language on how others perceive you
  • Using gesture, facial expression and eye contact appropriately
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